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Image by Arthur Poulin. Photo of a sunset over a horizon with mountains, trees and people sititng on an overlook area.

about human      race

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In 2022, human grace launched with the goal of helping companies and organizations innovate their brands to better communicate their "why" behind the work. 

We are a marketing agency that focuses on brand storytelling for positive social impact.

human grace  specializes in building and tailoring effective digital media strategies, marketing technology optimizations and impactful storytelling - marketing with a humanistic approach.


We look forward to helping you optimize your digital marketing, your brand message and your story.  


human grace values:


The "why" is crucial to your message. 

Authenticity is our way of operations and culture.

Learning, all the time. 

We leave space for human compassion, communication and collaboration.

We celebrate wins of all sizes.

There is always opportunity for growth. 

Welcome to human grace. 

reach out, we're here.

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